Réservoir audio is a recording studio and mixing facility specializing in original music composition and mixing for film, television, advertising and virtual reality.
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Services List of equipment

Premium Custom Ward-Beck Console & Signal Processing
High-end microphone collection
Thunderbolt based studio compatible with your mac


Sound design
5.1 Surround mixing
Voice-over recording


Music for advertising
Scoring for TV & film

Virtual Reality

Sound design and dynamic mixing for virtual reality

Closed Captioning

Closed Captioning for file-based broadcast TV delivery and web platforms

Digital distribution to broadcaster in any format.

Ward Beck L3262 (32 mic/line ch. + 16 line ch. monitor section)
All Mogami wiring
Balanced Ins & Out

Mac Pro 8 cores, 64go RAM, Dual AMD D700 6go, 1To SSD
3x Universal Audio Apollo 16 mkII Thunderbolt (48 ins & outs)
16x UAD-2 DSP
Reaper DAW
Logic X
Lots of UAD-2 plugins
Melodyne 5 Studio
Soundtoys Complete
Audioease Altiverb 7
Plugin Alliance
Arturia Collection
iZotope RX 8 Advanced
A.O.M. Invisible Limiter
And more..

Custom 15” JBL UREI 813c Suffit Mounted Speakers (2x)
Yamaha NS-10 (2x)
Focal Twin6 be (2x)
Focal Solo (5x) - (Surround)
Pyle driven Omage MS2-10N (2x)
Hear Back Personal Monitor Mixer System

Universal Audio 1176 x3
Drawner DL241 (2x)
Ward Beck M466 (2x)

Preamp / EQs
SPL Channel One
Universal Audio 610
Ward Beck M462A (9x)
Ward Beck M462B (14x)
Ward Beck M462 (9x)

AKG C414 U-BLS (2x)
AKG C426-B
AKG C 451e (2x)
AKG C 451b (2x)
AKG D112
Blue Microphones Kiwi
M-Audio Luna
Neumann TLM103 (2x)
Neumann KM184 (2x)
Royer R-121
Sennheiser 421 (2x)
Sennheiser 441
Sennheiser MKH416
Shure SM7B (2x)
Shure SM57 (3x)
Shure SM58 (3x)
Shure Green Bullet
Shure Beta 52a
Sony ECM 999

Mogami Cables

Clark Teknik D.I.
Cloudlifter CL-2
Radial Jensen D.I. Mono (2x)
Radial Jensen D.I. Mono Actif (1x)
Radial Jensen D.I. Mono
Radial X.AMP Studio Reamper

Leslie 145
Gibson GA30
Gibson GA40
National amp
1966 Fender Vibro-Champ
1966 Fender Pro Reverb
1967 Fender Bandmaster
Late 60's Traynor YBA-1
1995 JCM 800 4211
1984 JCM 800 2204
Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier
Fender Hot Rod Deluxe w/vintage 30
Traynor YGM-2
Peavey Classic 30
VOX AC30 hand wired

Fender 2x12 cab
Mesa Boogie 2x12 Horizontal cab
Cab 2x12 Celestion Greenbacks

Yamaha G3 Grand Piano
Korg Kronos 61
Yamaha YC-45D
Farfisa VIP500
Wurlitzer 200A
Hammond M3
Upright Piano
Roland PCR800
Moog Little Phatty

Danelectro U2
1967 Epiphone Frontier
Martin D-28 Special
1956 Teardrop Gibson Mandolin
Epiphone Biscuit (metal)
Gretsch Electromatic Baritone
Tonemaster Lapsteel
Fender Aztec Gold Telecaster
Dean Dobro
Telecaster Deluxe 73
G&L Asat Classic Bluesboy thin line
Alabama Resonator
Gibson ES175
Gibson Les paul 70’s w/mini humbuckers
Harmony Archtop
Grestch Electromatic Lapsteel
Norman 12 strings acoustic
69 Grestch acoustic Southern Jumbo
90’s Grestch 6120 japan
MIM telecaster w/nocaster custom shop pick-ups
Gibson Les Paul R6 Custom Shop


Francis Boudreau

Multi-instrumentalist, composer and arranger who works in the music industry for nearly 20 years . Francis stands out on the music scene in Quebec, the US and Europe as a guitarist alongside many established artists. Moreover, it is with flair and creativity that he compose musical pieces that we regularly hear on TV.

François Del Fante

He’s the mixing and sound design geek. His curiosity for new technologies and media continually leads him to push the boundaries of his expertise. His proximity with the world of television makes him an asset in production and post-production for any type of platform. François knows how to handle challenges effectively, without ever compromising the end result.

Marc-André Donais

Réservoir Audio’s visionary. His leadership and his multi-disciplinary talents make him an asset when comes the time to turn the wildest dreams into reality. For over ten years , his musicality has served him both on stage as well as seated behind the console.

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Zone 3
Cirque du Soleil
Le 84
La Corp
Saint-Jacques Vallée Y&R
Chantal Archambault
Bien Joué
Colonelle Films
Théatre Harpagon
TAXI Montréal
DTO Films
Trio Orange
Ressac Media
Agence KBS

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